Our Process

At Lonestar Body Systems, our process of building top quality trucks starts with design.

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Our State Of The Art Process

All of the products we offer from Frac Movers to Hydro Excavators start their lives on the screens of our engineering team. They custom design every joint, handle, and weld to meet our high standards long before we start the manufacture process.

Our process continues in our state of the art factory and assembly plant located in Mexia, Texas. Using the latest equipment, our staff of over 40 production workers turn our digital designs into reality.

Our Mexia plant currently has three distinct lines each working on its own type of truck. This lets us assemble the trucks in a much shorter time than typical. On some designs, we can assemble a complete truck in under half the time as compared to our competitors. At the height of production, we can complete five trucks per week this includes the field-tested features and rigorous testing that we are known for.