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DOT 407-412 Tank Systems

Lonestar can equip you with vacuum trucks designed to be in full compliance with the Department of Transportation’s DOT407/412 specification.

Design shall withstand 35-PSI internal pressure and 15 PSIG external pressure (full vacuum) and shall meet all the requirements of Section VIII Division 1 of the A.S.M.E. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. National Board Registered. Tank to be designed and constructed in full compliance with Department of Transportation Specification DOT 407/412.

  • Tank diameter 72″ steel constructed vacuum tank
  • 1/4″ wall, SA-516-70
  • Hydrostatic test 46 PSI
  • 100% welded interior and exterior
  • All welds are x-rayed
  • 2) Interior baffles
  • 2) External reinforcement rings
  • Tombstone style rollover protection – 3″ OD pipe
  • Operating temperature -20° F @ 35 PSI – 200° F
  • SS Girard pressure vent 35 PSGI mounted on top of tank
  • Single 12″ primary shut off with ball and cage at front of tank
  • 2) 20″ top Manways
  • 1) 20″ rear Manway
  • 2) External ladders (1 per manway)
  • Gauge style level indicator sealed in rear tank
  • 2) 4″ Betts manual suction/discharge valves with Dixon quick connects and caps
  • Air operated butterfly isolation valve with PTO interconnect
  • Secondary shutoff included in Pump Package
  • Muffle/oil trap with drain
  • PTO pump drive
  • Dual vacuum/PSI gauge
  • Full length stat hose trays
  • 1) 24″ x 14″ x 12 toolbox
  • DOT placard
  • Light Kit – 4 work lights and LED DOT lights
  • Rear step bumper


  • Full opening rear door
  • Hydraulic cylinder for rear dumping
  • Hydraulic driven vacuum pumps
  • Aluminum hose
  • Interior hose tray liner
  • Pipe tire chain bumpers
  • Tool box bumpers
  • Front bumpers
  • Easily installed by EMI on any chassis
  • Vacuum Tank kits available

Non-Code Vacuum Tank Systems

We also supply high-quality non-code vacuum tank systems.

Non-Code Vacuum Tank Systems 50-110 BBL

Basic Equipment Package:
Exterior Tanks are submerge arc welded
1/ 4″ wall, A36 Steel constructed vacuum tank
Pressure tested with full welds inside and out
3/8″ reinforced plate arrear outlets
Two one-piece formed baffles
One 20″ top manway
One 20″ top manway with a 12″ primary
One 24″ L X 12″ D toolbox
Two exterior ladders, 1 for each manway
Two full length straight stringers
Two full length hose trays/catwalks
Four spring and two solid tank mounts
Steel Frame mounted rear bumper
One 25″ rear manway
Choice of three level indicator sty/es
* Sight eyes * Sight tube * Rotary gauge
Two hose hooks
Two 4: discharge outlets
Light Kit with work lights and DOT approved LED lights
Mud flaps
All major vacuum pumps available
Secondary, final filter and muffler for vacuum system
Relief valves for both vacuum/PSI
Vacuum and PSI gauges
Available in 50-11 O BBL tanks
PTO Shaft driven Spicer #1310

Vacuum p u m p s a n d blowers
Rear Valve Options
* Heated * Ball * Butterfly * Gate
Rear Bumper Options
* Tire chain style * Toolbox style * Step style
Oilfield Front Bumper
Front Load/Unload Valves
72″ o r 8 4 ” diameter tanks
High-pressure Tri-Plex Pumps
Bowie/Roper transfer p u m p station
Hose Tray/Catwalk Duraliner
Epoxy coated interior finish
Aluminum hose trays
3 6 ” rear manway
Hydraulic driven vacuum systems
Jetter system
Additional toolboxes
Dump Tank
Full-open rear

Front Open Rear Dump

Our FORD tank trucks help you keep safety and easy cleanup in mind.

Our Hydro Excavators have all the features you need and the niceties that you should expect in heavy duty workforce ready trucks.